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This diet requires a recommendation from your veterinarian. Click here for more information.


The diet provides 50% or more protein than other renal diets but with similar levels of phosphorus restriction, in order to maintain or improve lean muscle mass while reducing progression of underlying kidney disease. Elevated EPA provides anti-inflammatory action and levels consistent with previous studies suggesting a benefit in renal disease patients. Pumpkin provides soluble fiber for normal gastrointestinal motility and to serve as a prebiotic. Highly palatable, elevated fat sources are included to encourage normal appetite.

Indications Contraindications
 IRIS Stage 1-4 chronic kidney disease
• Glomerular-losing nephropathy
• Normal adult dogs
• Growth or lactation
• Pancreatitis
• Chicken allergy

USDA Chicken Breast, Pumpkin, Sushi Rice, Grass-Fed Butter, Butternut Squash, Banana, Blueberries, Spinach, Fish Oil, Turmeric, Oregano and Vitamins & Minerals

Nutrition Facts

Caloric Information

kcal/kg  1,480
kcal/oz 42
kcal/cup (est.) 336

Guaranteed Analysis

Dry Matter As Fed
Protein (min) 32%  11%
Fat (min) 27% 9.5%
Fiber (max) 2% 0.6%
Moisture (max) 65%
Calcium / Phosphorus Ratio 2.5:1
Omega 6 per 1,000 kcal 2.1g


Wynwood Dog Food® Renal Support Royal Canin® Renal Support F 
Ingredients (first 5)
• USDA Chicken Breast
• Pumpkin
• Sushi Rice
• Butternut Squash
• Plantain
    • Brewers Rice
    • Corn
    • Chicken Fat
    • Chicken By-Product Meal
    • Natural Flavors
    Guaranteed Analysis
    Protein (DM) 28% 13%
    Fat (DM)
    19% 16%
    Carb (DM) 41% 67%
    Fiber (DM) 1.9% 4.3%
    Phosphorus (DM) 0.33% 0.4%