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Ingredients: USDA Ground Turkey, Sushi Rice, Barley, USDA Turkey Liver, Banana, Pear, Blueberries and Vitamins & Minerals

Summary: Our new Cardiac Support diet is an innovation in heart health, developed by world-renowned double-boarded veterinary cardiologist, Dr. Robert Prošek, and by our leading board-certified veterinary nutritionist, Dr. Justin Shmalberg. The diet is designed for all types of cardiac disease and can also be fed to healthy adult dogs. It features an elevated protein content, moderate fat level, and moderate carbohydrate level. The diet is fortified with EPA and DHA, omega 3 fatty acids that may help some types of heart disease, along with supplemental antioxidants like vitamin E.  Taurine and carnitine are added to facilitate normal cardiac function at levels higher than found in any other maintenance or therapeutic diet. Sodium is controlled and electrolytes are carefully balanced to make the diet compatible with commonly-prescribed therapeutic drugs for heart failure. The diet naturally contains high levels of arginine, an important precursor to nitric oxide, and of methionine and cysteine, precursors to taurine. The unique formulation has been designed for enhanced palatability in dogs of all ages, high digestibility, and with naturally-occurring whole foods sources of polyphenols such as blueberries.


Indications Contraindications
Normal adult dogs with or without a genetic predisposition to heart disease
Valvular insufficiency
Congestive heart failure (any cause or severity)
• Dilated cardiomyopathy (genetic)
• Taurine- or carnitine-responsive dilated cardiomyopathies
• Cardiac arrhythmias responsive to omega 3 fatty acids
Advanced kidney disease (IRIS Stage 3-4)
Growth (puppies)
Pancreatitis or hyperlipidemia
Allergy or intolerance to turkey or any of the other ingredients


Caloric Information

kcal/kg  1,346
kcal/oz 38
kcal/cup (est.) 304

Guaranteed Analysis

Dry Matter As Fed
Protein (min) 45%  15%
Fat (min) 17% 6%
Fiber (max) 2% 0.5%
Moisture (max) 68%
Calcium / Phosphorus Ratio 1.6:1


The serving portions are based on feeding an active adult dog once daily. These numbers should be used only as a guide, as every dog has their own unique metabolism and activity level. We recommend using a digital scale for increased accuracy, but you can also use the measurement provided in cups (~1 cup = 8 oz in weight). Always make sure to monitor your dog’s weight and adjust serving size as needed.


Dog Weight (lb) Serving Portion Per Day (oz)
Serving Portion Per Day (cups)
5 4
10 7
15 10
20 12 1½
25 15 1¾
30 17 2
40 21 2½
50 25
60 28 3½
80 35
100 42


Wynwood Dog Food® Cardiac Support Royal Canin® Early Cardiac
Ingredients (first 5)
• USDA Ground Turkey
• Sushi Rice
• Barley
• USDA Turkey Liver
• Banana
    • Brewers Rice
    • Chicken Fat
    • Chicken Meal
    • Fish Meal
    • Soy Protein Isolate
    Guaranteed Analysis
    Protein (DM) 45% 24%
    Fat (DM)
    17% 16%
    Carb (DM) 29% 49%
    Fiber (DM) 2% 5.3%