The best quality food my two toy dogs have ever loved. I've tried everything in the high-end brands. WDFC product is considerably superior and fresh.

Jenny W.

After switching between so many fresh dog food companies, WDFC has by far the best food.

Greg G.

Lola loves your food, I've never seen her so excited.

Maria Y.

Tillie actually loves the chicken and she has never been one for dog treats, unless it is off our plate.

Philip K.

Their kitchen is amazing and always so clean! It's so nice to see where and how my dogs food is being made.

Jamie C.

His skin irritation has gone away, and he does not have as much eye tearing. Elvis really loves his new food blend.

Kimberley M.

After trying the other online fresh food companies, I can safely say Wynwood offers a superior product and service. I also feel better not wasting so much during the shipping process.

Iris B.