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This diet requires a recommendation from your veterinarian. Click here for more information.


This innovative hepatic diet provides the benefits of a low copper concentration, an elevated zinc level, highly digestible protein, and moderate, rather than reduced, overall protein levels. Egg and dairy provide easily digestible proteins low in purines. It is indicated for dogs that may have copper-storage hepatopathy, portosystemic shunts, mild to moderate hepatic encephalopathy, urate stones, and other non-specific liver conditions. Elevated amounts of omega 3 fatty acids and turmeric to affect the inflammatory cascade. It is formulated for all life stages with the exception of the copper content so puppies affected by hepatic conditions can be given the diet.

Indications Contraindications
• Copper-storage disease
•  Portosystemic shunts
• Microvascular dysplasia
• Mild to moderate hepatic encephalopathy
• Non-specific elevations in liver enzymes (if recommended by a veterinarian)
• Urate urolithiasis
• Growing or adult dogs without hepatic conditions
• Severe hepatic encephalopathy
• Intolerance to high fat diets



Egg, Russet Potato, Sweet Potato, Cottage Cheese, Butter, Spinach, Cauliflower, Fish Oil, Turmeric and Vitamins & Minerals

Nutrition Facts

Caloric Information

kcal/kg  1,065
kcal/oz 30
kcal/cup (est.) 242

Guaranteed Analysis

Dry Matter As Fed
Protein (min) 30%  8.2%
Fat (min) 26% 7.1%
Fiber (max) 3% 0.8%
Moisture (max) 73%
Calcium / Phosphorus Ratio 1.3:1
Copper per 1,000 kcal 0.9g
Omega 6 per 1,000 kcal 5.7g


Wynwood Dog Food® Allergy/Skin Support Royal Canin® Skin Support 
Ingredients (first 5)
• Egg
• Russet Potato
• Sweet Potato
• Cottage Cheese
• Butter
    • Brewers Rice
    • Brown Rice
    • Corn
    • Chicken Fat
    • Soy Protein Isolate
    Guaranteed Analysis
    Protein (min) 27.0% 14.0%
    Fat (min)
    23.4% 14.0%
    Carb (calc.) 29.7% 55.7%
    Fiber (max) 2.4% 3.6%
    Moisture (max) 10% 10%
    Copper (max) 1.5 mg/kg 7 mg/kg